Key Dancers - Deluxe

In this rhythm game the keyboard is your dancefloor and together with your friend(s) you are rocking the club!

A Game made by
Annika Neumann (Programming), 
Clara Müller (Art), and 
Janik Rennollet (Music) 
in cooperation with HAW Hamburg.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsLiktoria, Clarissimo
Tags2D, Arcade, Co-op, Game Jam, High Score, keyboard, Multiplayer, Music, Retro, Unity


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The concept of this game is really good but I think the execution and the implementation of the idea could have been a bit better. You need to polish this game more, also, try implementing an indicator that shows you have to press the button at that moment. Also, you have segregated this with two-player but there's no point as I didn't find any competition. Moreover, tapping the keys makes no sense if the player is not getting any reward or does not understand the benefit of doing right. So, I think if you polish this game with these points then it can be a great game to enjoy. However, I would love to check your other awesome games ahead of time, so all the best.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! We made this game for a game jam and did not have time to polish a lot, but I agree with your points. We might get back to it and work on these issues.

That sounds great!