Go down to the underworld where Persephone is living over winter. Usually she spends spring and summer with her mother and brings life to earth. This year she decided to bring some happiness to the underworld. Transform it into a place full of life!

Navigate Persephone with WASD and plant flowers, bushes and trees. Find the colums and transform them into a spring version! Unlock new plants and flowers by transforming columns. You're a vegetation goddess so each of your steps will bring life. If you surround stones and columns with grass, they will transform! To win you have to transform all the columns. But watch out for demons, they will kill grass and flowers on their path! You start on a patch of grass, if you lose too much of that grass to the demons, you will lose.

Art: Pablo Gutierrez

Implementation: Annika Neumann (https://liktoria.itch.io)

Sound Design & Music - James Foss (jamesfossaudio.com | linktr.ee)

Sound Design & Music - Jorge Varandas (jorgevarandassound.com)

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